Calcium Chloride

Calcium chloride serves as a potent non-sodium chloride de-icer, excelling in rapid and effective ice and snow removal. Its mechanism involves creating a brine solution that lowers freezing points, melting icy surfaces efficiently. It performs admirably in subzero temperatures, enhances traction, and has a reduced environmental impact compared to traditional de-icing agents. Calcium chloride’s versatility and extended effectiveness make it a preferred choice for maintaining clear and safe surfaces during winter weather.

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Application of Calcium Chloride

Calcium Chloride is widely used as a non-sodium chloride de-icer. The properties of this chemical make it the optimum choice for de-icing as once applied it quickly forms an ice melting brine, lowering the freezing point of water to melt snow and ice to keep surfaces clearer for longer.

Mechanism of Action

  • It is spread on icy surfaces, it rapidly dissolves upon contact with moisture, including ice and snow.
  • It dissolves, it releases calcium ions (Ca²⁺) and chloride ions (Cl⁻) into the surrounding ice or snow.
  • It is an exothermic process, meaning it generates heat. This heat energy facilitates the melting of ice and snow by lowering the freezing point of water.
  • Benefits of Calcium Chlorid

  • It acts quickly to melt ice and snow, making it an efficient choice for de-icing applications.
  • It can rapidly create a brine solution that lowers the freezing point and effectively breaks down ice and snow accumulations.
  • It is effective in subzero temperatures, where traditional sodium chloride (rock salt) may be less effective.
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