Copper EDTA 12%

Copper EDTA fertilizers are essential for plant health, providing readily available copper for optimal growth. By enhancing nutrient uptake, activating essential enzymes, and preventing copper deficiency symptoms like stunted growth and fruit issues, these fertilizers result in rapid, robust plant development. With improved photosynthesis and increased disease resistance, plants treated with copper EDTA fertilizers yield higher crop yields and exhibit overall better health, making them a valuable asset for farmers seeking to maximize agricultural productivity.

Content:- Copper 12%

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Application of Copper EDTA

Copper EDTA fertilizers are essential for plant physiological and biochemical processes. The plants will absorb nutrients instantly, resulting in a considerable and rapid boost in crop yield. Copper deficiency causes leaf discoloration and bleaching, resulting in stunted growth, tiny leaves, and fruit splitting and dropping.

Mechanism of Action

  • This fertilizers provide plants with a readily available source of copper.
  • It is an essential micronutrient that plays a vital role in various physiological and biochemical processes within plants.
  • It serves as a cofactor for several enzymes involved in critical biochemical reactions, such as photosynthesis and respiration.
  • Benefits of Copper EDTA

  • It is crucial for the formation of chlorophyll, the green pigment responsible for photosynthesis.
  • It is not only provide copper but also improve the overall nutrient uptake capacity of plants.
  • The application of this fertilizer helps prevent and correct copper deficiencies, ensuring robust plant development and higher crop yields.
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