Ferrous EDTA 12%


Ferrous EDTA, a fine yellow powder that readily dissolves in water, is a crucial ally for preventing iron deficiencies in crops. Its chelating properties ensure rapid and efficient iron uptake by plants, promoting healthy growth and robust photosynthesis. By addressing iron deficiencies promptly, Ferrous EDTA helps prevent symptoms like leaf yellowing and stunted growth, ultimately leading to higher crop yields and better overall plant health. Its versatility in application methods makes it a valuable solution for a wide range of crops and farming practices.

Content: Ferrous (Fe) – 12.0 %

Bag Packing
GST 12% and transportation charges are extra


Application of Ferrous EDTA

Ferrous EDTA is a valuable tool for preventing iron deficiencies in crops. Its chelation properties ensure efficient iron uptake, leading to improved photosynthesis, increased crop yield, and better overall plant health. With its rapid solubility and versatile application options, this is a reliable solution for addressing iron deficiencies at various growth stages, promoting healthy and productive crops.

Mechanism of Action

  • It acts as a chelating agent, forming stable complexes with iron ions.
  • This chelation process keeps iron soluble in the soil, preventing it from forming insoluble compounds that plants cannot readily absorb.
  • The chelated iron in this EDTA is more easily absorbed by plant roots compared to non-chelated iron.
  • Benefits of Ferrous EDTA

  • Iron is an essential micronutrient for plants, playing a critical role in chlorophyll production and electron transfer during photosynthesis.
  • It’s quick solubility and enhanced iron uptake by plants result in a rapid response to iron supplementation.
  • This helps address iron deficiencies promptly, preventing crop damage and yield loss.
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