Zinc sulphate mono hydrate 33%

Contents:- Zinc 33% w/w + Sulphur 15% w/w

Zinc is an essential component for various enzymes for energy production in different crops. It regulates protein synthesis and growth in different crops. It prevent delayed maturity in crops.

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Application of Zinc sulphate mono hydrate

Zinc sulphate mono hydrate (33%) is a valuable agricultural resource that prevents zinc deficiencies in plants. Its mechanism of action ensures that plants receive an adequate supply of zinc, resulting in improved photosynthesis, root development, and overall plant health. This leads to increased crop yield and quality, making it an essential component of modern agriculture.

Mechanism of Action

  • This monohydrate dissociates into zinc ions (Zn²⁺) and sulfate ions (SO₄²⁻).
  • These zinc ions are available for plant uptake.
  • Plant roots take up the dissolved zinc ions from the soil solution.
  • Benefits of Zinc sulphate mono hydrat

  • Zinc is a micronutrient crucial for plant growth.
  • These helps prevent zinc deficiencies that can lead to symptoms like stunted growth, reduced crop yield, and interveinal chlorosis (yellowing between leaf veins).
  • It is an essential component of various enzymes involved in plant metabolism.
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